How to write a cover letter for resume

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Look at the requirements for vacancies, do you have these skills write them first. Also pay special attention if the job requires specific permissions and licenses In this section, also include skills such as: The level of computer use. Traditionally, this paragraph indicates something like “confident user”, “work on the Internet” and so on. But best of all, if the applicant has experience using any service programs, the topics of which would be related to the vacancy in question. For example, if the applicant plans to get a job as an accountant, then an integral part of the work will be interaction with the Microsoft office suite (primarily Word and Excel), as well as the 1C operating environment.

foreign languages. Languages owned by the applicant. It is known that English is considered the most common, international and “corporate” language of communication. By the way, in Poland, a huge percentage of the young population has a good level of English and you need to be prepared for the fact that at the interview the representative of the HR department will ask a similar question. Polish should be known at least at a conversational level, otherwise qualified positions will not be available. Driving license (open categories and driving experience). Due to the proximity of Poland to Germany and a single duty-free border within the Eurozone, almost every citizen has the opportunity for a few salaries to get a good used car. This allows you to get to work on time and not worry if the boss asks you to stay up late any day so as not to delay the deadlines. Having the right to drive can be a key criterion for hiring, especially if the position implies constant business trips.

Hobbies and hobbies of the future employee play an important role for the employer. The way a person organizes his free time, what is interested outside the office, can directly affect his performance, the degree of adaptation in the team, and mutual understanding with management. Letters of recommendation When considering candidates, special attention is paid to the opinion of former employers or authorities. It is good practice when the applicant’s manager or, better yet, the owner of the company can vouch for him in writing or even during a telephone conversation. The question of recommendations usually comes up when it comes to appointing to high positions, where the smallest incompetence of an employee can create significant trouble for the company.

When quitting from a previous job, it is advisable to contact the management and ask to write such a letter, which will simplify recruitment in the future. Important: At the very bottom of the page you have to insert a small formality consent to the use of your data. If you have forgotten about this, then it does not matter what ingenious your resume is the employer will never contact you, because it simply does not have the right to do so.