How to write a resume

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The final part assumes, as a rule, the presence of a generalized final assessment of the work done. It is important to indicate what its main meaning is, what important side scientific results have been obtained, what new scientific challenges arise in connection with the conduct of the research. In some cases, it becomes necessary to indicate ways to continue researching the topic, form and methods for its further study, as well as specific tasks that future researchers will have to solve in the first place. The list of sources used and literature contains the name of the work, sources that were directly used by the author when working on the course work. The number of sources used and literature in the course work, as a rule, should be at least 15-20.

Ancillary or additional materials that clutter the text of the main part of the work are placed in the APP. The final step in writing a term paper is its correct design. This criterion is important, and for some teachers even more significant than the content of the course work Therefore, we consider it in more detail. The course work is done by computer typing in the program Microsoft Office Word. This product is the most convenient for working with text documents. The main design criteria to be followed when writing a term paper are as follows: 4. Be sure to have either footnotes or references to sources in the text. Footnotes are made in the following way: put the borrowed text in quotes, and at the end of the quotation put the cursor, click on the Links tab Insert a footnote. A footnote with the number 1 will appear at the bottom of the sheet.

After it, add a source of literature from which this text is taken. Do not forget at the end of the footnotes to specify the page number from the source and put points. 5. The page number must also be affixed. The place for the page number depends on the guidelines for the design of the course work. As a rule, the page number is placed at the bottom of the page in the center. To insert: Insert tab Page Number Bottom Top You can also set the formatof numbers (for example, so that the numbering starts from 3): Insert Page number Format of page numbers Page numbering Start from 3 6. Very often the text that was copied from a third-party source contains double spaces. This is a peculiar moveton in the design of works, so you need to get rid of them: the key combination Ctrl H (find replace with), in the “find” field, enter two spaces in the “replace with” field one space (without quotes). Click “Replace All”. Follow this combination until the text gets rid of extra spaces;