How to write a summary for a resume

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In order for your candidacy to look attractive, you need to correctly compile a resume. It is very simple but not everyone does itSimple instructions for comparing resumes when looking for work in Poland. For those who are considering finding unskilled work in Poland, for example, a builder or a crop picker, it’s enough to respond to the vacancy, fill out all the necessary documents and come to work. Those who want to find a higher paying job that corresponds to the higher education and special skills they need, should write a resume.Content: CV structure in Poland Frequently made mistakes when filling CV Sample resume in Polish, online services for compilation

The first thing you need to know is that in Poland (and most other countries) there is no concept of summary, instead they use CV (curriculum vitae). We need to start this resume compilation (CV). Since in Poland the state language is Polish, all documents, including the CV, must be filled out in this language. The exception may be the work of IT specialists and employees in large international English-speaking companies, there is enough knowledge of English. The summary should be short and have a simple form. Ideally, one or two pages. CV can not do without several basic elements, such as: personal data, education and experience. Also pay attention to the knowledge of foreign languages. If you indicate the knowledge of foreign languages, then you must indicate the level of proficiency and if there is a certificate.

If you do not know Polish at a sufficient level, first make a resume in Russian, the benefit of the Internet is a bunch of different templates everything from type and design to instructions for each particular profession. Then you can contact the translator to translate this document into Polish. In Poland itself, this service is inexpensive, usually up to 10 zlotys, but on the same Internet and social networks there are a lot of communities where you can be provided with such help cheaper or free of charge.

There is a certain sequence of CV information presentation, which is desirable to adhere to, so that the document distinguishes a person against the background of other applicants. It is highly recommended to preliminarily examine information about the company and its values, which will allow placing the accents correctly and showing oneself from the most attractive side.