What font to use for resume

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Every person at a certain point in his life is faced with the problem of finding work in Kiev. There are many tools to achieve this goal, but any of them involves creating a resume of a potential employee. A resume is a document with basic information about you, starting with your first and last name and ending with education and skills. Based on this document, it is decided whether to call a person for an interview. That is why it is so important to know how to write this document correctly. To write a resume correctly, remember these simple rules. Rule number one: try to write the truth, but mentioning the flaws is sometimes optional. 
Rule number two: the resume has a special template structure. It consists, as a rule, of a couple of pages, so you need to competently use the volume, indicating all the most necessary. 
Rule number three: optimists and activists are valued in any campaign, so try to make yourself cheerful and smiling. Well, now you need to refer to the summary format itself. 
Title. This paragraph consists of the word “summary” and the initials following this word: “Summary of Nikolai Pyotr Ivanovich”. 

The appointment of a resume. It is necessary to write for what you are writing self-presentation. It is necessary to issue it as follows: “The purpose of the resume is to find an engineer position.” 
Contact details. In this box, the following parameters are usually indicated: date of birth, address, phone number, email, links in social networks, etc. 

The level of education. Here it is necessary to describe all the courses of educational programs you received in order, indicating the dates of study and levels (with distinction or not). 
Experience and experience. This item includes an indication of all the places in which you worked. Start recording them in the reverse order, start from the last place of work and finish first. You should also indicate the period of work, for example, from March 2018 to October 2018. 
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Employee Responsibilities An optional item, but sometimes it is still used. Here are the duties that the employee must perform. 
Progress. This item is the most important, because it reflects your success and success in business. Any manager wants to know what he will pay for this or that employee. It is very important to indicate specific numbers in order to enable employers to clearly understand what you are capable of. 
Additional Information. And this item contains a description of the skills that a potential employee possesses, for example, knowledge of the language, computer programs, etc. 
Personal qualities. You need to try to choose the optimal amount of qualities that were valued precisely at the job for which you are applying. Do not over-praise yourself, employers do not really like arrogant people.